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Our Team


We work hard every day to optimize our offer for our customers. We use the latest technologies to create the best user experience. But at the same time, we use the human expertise of each individual to make Advanon better and better. Our greatest strength is the people behind the platform.


Board of Directors

Advanon_Christoph M. Mueller

Christoph M. Mueller

Gründer CreditGate24, Verwaltungsratspräsident & CEO


Joseph Rickenbacher


Danel Gutenberg

Daniel Gutenberg



Luigi Vignola


"CG24, with its great team of proven specialists in market place lending, aims to provide an innovative, efficient, safe and fair solution that can deliver real value to both investors and borrowers." 

Christoph M. Mueller, Gründer CreditGate24, Verwaltungsratspräsident und CEO


Advanon_Christoph M. Mueller

Christoph M. Mueller

Gründer CreditGate24, Verwaltungsratspräsident & CEO

Advanon_Samuel L Krämer_2_2

Samuel L. Krämer

Head Corporate Lending & Products

Advanon_Stefan Zimmermann_3_1

Stephan C. Zimmermann

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Become part of the team

Want to be part of Advanon? We are always looking for bright minds to complement and expand the team. On our jobs page you will always find the latest job postings. 


Advanon_Joelle Bettschen

Joëlle Bettschen

Relationship Manager Corporate Lending

Advanon_Mattia de Rosa

Mattia De Rosa

Relationship Manager Corporate Lending

Advanon_Pascal Grand-Guillaume-Perrenoud

Pascal Grand-Guillaume-Perrenoud

Relationship Manager Corporate Lending

Advanon_Philip Brupbacher

Phil Brupbacher

Relationship Manager Real Estate Lending

Advanon_Nina Grahovac

Nina Grahovac

Relationship Manager Real Estate Lending

Advanon_Tobias Treiber_2

Tobias Treiber

Head of Risk & Recovery

Advanon_Timothy Brlan

Tim Brlan

Risk & Recovery

Advanon_Sasa Trajkovic

Sasa Trajkovic

Risk & Recovery

Advanon_Selina Ott

Selina Ott

Risk & Recovery

ab 1.12._Advanon_Linda Wang

Linda Wang

Risk & Recovery

Advanon_Pascal Zimmermann

Pascal Zimmermann

Risk & Recovery

Advanon_Lukas Moser

Lukas Moser


Advanon_Manuel Bärtschi

Manuel Bärtschi

Senior Business Operations Associate


Julia Karpunina

Business Analyst


Pedro Schütz

Head of Business Analysis

Advanon_Jan-Philip Friedmann

Jan-Philip Friedmann

Treasury and Capital Markets

Advanon_Gzim Nevzadi

Gzim Nevzadi

Working Student in Investment Solutions

Advanon_Dan Bejan

Dan Bejan

Frontend Engineer


Vlad Gramuzov

Senior Software Engineer

Advanon_Maciej Nowicki

Maciej Nowicki

Scala Software Engineer


Alexey Rudyuk

Front-End Developer


Svitlana Shymko

Frontend Developer


Vlad Zabolotny


Advanon_Petrina Pavlo2 Kopie

Pavlo Petrina

Quality Assurance Engineer

Advanon_Patrick Winterhoff

Patrick Winterhoff

Chief of Projects

Advanon_Laura Padua

Laura Padua

Human Capital Manager

ab 1.11._Advanon_Miro Spinnler

Miro Spinnler

Chief Financial Officer

Advanon_Sandra Goncalves

Sandra Goncalves

Internal Control

Advanon_Linda Prange

Linda Prange

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Advanon_Dominic Keller_2

Dominic Keller

Analyst, Marketing & Content Creator

Advanon_Vivianna Gujer

Viviana Gujer

Relation- & Partnership Management

Advanon_Stephan Boos

Stephan Boos

Legal Counsel

Advanon_Denisa Ganciu_v2

Denisa Ganciu

Relationship Manager Private Lending

Advanon_Carla da Silva_2_2

Carla da Silva

Relationship Manager Private Lending

Advanon_Nilton de Gois

Nilton De Góis

Sales Manager