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First the work, then the payment


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Reliant on short-term financial resources

How to take on more orders

At Advanon, we think that capable entrepreneurs deserve to take on more orders and thus grow healthily. That's why we offer Advanon business loans for small and medium-sized businesses, giving them more financial freedom.

With the Advanon business loan, you escape the everyday vicious circle and gain liquidity - for a dynamic growth spurt. 


Advanon business loan

With our Advanon business loan, you receive an advance so that you always have enough liquidity to carry out all your projects. Short-term cash injection or medium-term project financing - you determine the term of the loan. 


Tobias Britz, 
CEO of SmartLiberty

«Advanon is simple, modern, straightforward, fast and useful. An adjustment of the credit limit can be requested, checked and approved via chat within 3 minutes. That is Banking 4.0! In special cases, Advanon is immediately on board as a partner and helps to find the right solutions together.»

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«During the whole process I only had three phone calls and received the financing within three weeks. For this reason, I would recommend Advanon to anyone, because even the interest rate is completely reasonable.»

Hermann Wenger, Founder & CEO DynaRoads AG

«Advanon's financing solution is ideal for us in the short-term securing of working capital for larger projects with long payment periods. We are always surprised with how fast, simple and yet very personal the processing is.»

Roger Meili, CEO ProfileMedia AG

«Advanon's fast and flexible online financing solution allows me to cover short-term bottlenecks in our cash flow planning.»

Luca Muff, CEO & Founder Muff Trading AG